Surrender to God




Between two clouds, there is an interval and that interval is the blue sky !

Slow down the thoughts and look into the intervals.

Yes !  Look into the interval and pay more attention to the interval than the cloud !

First thought has left, other is not arisen, That is Freedom, That is Consciousness,

That is your own place, your own abode. You are always there, you see.

That’s all the teaching is.  Always look to Consciousness.

Always look to Consciousness and know this Awareness is what  you are !

This is your own place, your own abode.

Stay Here. No one can touch you. Who can enter Here where you are ?   Even your mind cannot enter.



This Awareness has no name and when you try to give it a name the trouble arises.

You are nameless and formless; you can’t see anything.

Know ” I am nameless and formless, ”  and that  ” I am aware of my own Self. “

The pure Consciousness will pull you back, it is not that you will enter into it.

When you enter into it, it is ego entering, but when It pulls you It has made the choice to take you Home.

This happens somehow and we can’t know why.

Very rare beings are picked up by Consciousness,

Once drawn in your travels are over !


Surrender to God , keep Quiet and That will take care of your responsibilities.

But if you take responsibilities on your own head, God doesn’t take care and it will seem that  he is hiding.




THIS  …. Sri H. W. L. POONJA